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Long Beach California Homes and Condos For Sale


Long Beach Waterfront Home for Short Term Lease

High end client seeking short term, exclusive turnkey ocean front home for lease in Long Beach.  The perfect home will be on the sand and upgraded; furnished, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, about 2,000 square feet or more. Client will alternatively consider homes within 1 block of the ocean or a canal home.  Clients reside out of state and will be occupying the property about 2 weeks of the month.  Call Laurie for further details (562) 212-5420.

Eastside Circle Area

Long Beach Condo


City View

\"4161 Circle View Condominiums

4161 Hathaway Ave

Offered at:  $235,000

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Downtown Long Beach

Luxury High Rise Condo For Sale

Sweeping Coastline Views

Harbor Place Tower


525 Seaside Way 1505

Sold Price:  $435,000

More Information/Photo

Represented Seller

Closed Escrow 11/4/09

California Heights Historic District

Long Beach California


I Can Sell Yours Too!


Historic Bungalow

Offered at: $439,000

Sale Price:  $439,000

Represented Buyer

Bluff Park Historic District

Luxury Home

Long Beach California


I Can Sell Yours Too!


Just 2 short blocks to the beach!

Offered at: $679,000

Sale Price: $682,000

Represented Buyer

Spinnaker Bay

Luxury Waterfront Home

with 40\' Boat Slip

Long Beach California


I Can Sell Yours Too!


Offered at $2,225,000

Sale Price $1,755,000

Represented Buyer

Why Hire an Internet Savvy Realtor?

Over 80% of all home searches start on the internet . Your Long Beach home needs to be online, and findable, when buyers begin their search. Have the Realtor\'s you interview show you their ability to market your Long Beach property on the internet. Step back; pick keywords that should bring that item to the front page of Google; keywords like Long Beach Real Estate. Are any of the sites that your Realtor is using to promote your property coming up at the top of the engines? No? Keep shopping. Better yet, call the Realtor\'s on the front page of Google, they already know how to get there and you can cut right through the unlikely candidates.

Over 25% of all Home Buyers FIRST saw the home they purchased on the internet. If your Long Beach homes are not heavily marketed on the internet, you are missing thousands of potential buyers.

Visit our blog for more helpful Long Beach Real Estate Information and Updates

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Chasing the Market Down - Are You Guilty?

Chasing the Market Down is a very serious situation in todays real estate market. Many sellers are doing this across the nation. The clear majority of them never sell. The expired, cancelled and withdrawn listings on the MLS reflect far more properties than the Sold\'s do. Unless you actually need to sell your home this is not the time to be on the market.

If your Long Beach home is currently on the market or if you are thinking of placing your home onto the Long Beach Real Estate market...


Long Beach Homes and Condo Sales

8 Deadly Selling Mistakes

  1. Overpricing Your Property
  2. Confusing a Re-finance Appraisal with Actual Market Value
  3. Not Staging Your Home
  4. Sellers trying to \"Hard Sell\" while showing
  5. Showing to Unannounced Buyers
  6. Not Qualifying Buyers
  7. Not Reading and Comprehending Contracts
  8. Not Hiring an Internet Savvy Realtor®


The 7 Dangers of Overpricing Your Long Beach Homes and Condos

Overpricing Your Long Beach Homes and Condos , is not a good idea. Thinking that raising the price to leave wiggle room for negotiation is the first trap to avoid. That game is old and played out, buyers aren\'t interested in playing. They want to offer you less than asking price and they want asking price to be at or below market. They want \"a deal\" and if they don\'t get it, they aren\'t going to buy.


Need A Bigger Home?


Prices are at their lowest in many years.

It\'s a good time to buy YOUR next home!

Call Laurie today to begin your search

(562) 212-5420

Relocation Partners

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Long Beach Real Estate For Sale

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Search over 60,000 Southern California homes, condos and income properties for sale.

ALL Long Beach real estate listings included.

This is YOUR Long Beach Real Estate Resource all Active Listings Updated directly from the MLS.

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  • Search the Southern California MLS for Homes and Condos in Long Beach, Signal Hill, Lakewood, Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, Surfside, Huntington Harbor, Huntington Beach and all Southern California Communities.
  • Long Beach California has 492,682 residents as of 1/1/2009

Recent Long Beach Real Estate Market Reports and Updates

Long Beach Real Estate Sales Statistics

Welcome to the Long Beach California Real Estate Website of Laurie Manny

Long Beach California Real Estate

Welcome to the Long Beach Real Estate Agent website of Laurie Manny. We have done our very best to load this site with tons of Long Beach Real Estate and great local area information just for you. Whether you are a Long Beach Buyer, a Long Beach Seller are Relocating to Long Beach, or just curious, there is detailed Long Beach information here for you, because informing yourself will assist in your decision making process.
Kick back, stay a while, cruise the site. New information is always being added, so come back and visit often.

If you like ocean breezes, sunshine, cultural diversity beautiful sunsets, spectacular vistas andexotic food,  then you are going to love Long Beach. Here you will find over 5 ½ miles of beach front, 92 parks, 800 acres of lakes and 69 tennis courts. Golf? Boat? Sail? Surf? Windsurf, Water-ski? Jet Ski? Fish? Sunbathe? Long Beach has it all. Long Beach California is a destination resort area.

Fun on the Naples Canals

Long Beach Luxury Homes

Naples Island and Belmont Shore Luxury Homes For Sale

Naples Island and Belmont Shore Luxury Condos For Sale

Naples Island and Belmont Shore Income Properties For Sale

Long Beach Income Properties For Sale

Long Beach Lofts

  • Temple Lofts 835 Locust Avenue Downtown Long Beach
  • Kress Lofts 100 W 5th Street Downtown Long Beach
  • Walker Building 115 W 4th Street Downtown Long Beach
  • The Insurance Exchange 207 E Broadway Downtown Long Beach (on the Promenade)
  • Courtyard Lofts 849 Pine Avenue
  • Ebell Lofts 1100 E 3rd Street Alamitos Beach Long Beach CA
  • BLU Condos-Townhouses-Lofts-350 Long Beach Blvd Downtown Long Beach





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Long Beach Condo Buyers Beware

The condo market in Long Beach, and nationwide, may be in for a few rather large shockers which could rattle more than a few cages.  We have already come across several HOA\'s in, or very near, serious financial jeopardy.


Buying Fixer Upper Homes in Long Beach

Many buyers who are searching for homes in Long Beach express interest in purchasing a \"fixer upper\" . It is always interesting to hear what their idea of a \"fixer upper\" is. There are so many levels of fixer upper it is necessary to clarify what the buyer has in mind.


Buying Long Beach Homes

Issues for the \"First Time Home Buyer\"

With so many Long Beach homes on the market at affordable prices one would think it should be really easy to find a home and get a great deal. So why are so many first time buyers having trouble finding a home that suits their needs at a price they can afford?


FHA Loan Limits

FHA loans are available to a maximum loan of $729,750 with a minimum 3 to 3.5% down payment until January 1, 2009 when they are currently scheduled to drop the maximum loan amount to $625,000, this could change.


  • Single Family Home or Condo : $729,750
  • Duplex : $934,200
  • Tri-plex : $1,129,250
  • Four-Plex : $1,403,400

7 Steps to Pre-Home Purchase Preparedness

    1-Choose a Lender 2-Checking Credit Scores Prior to Starting the Purchase 3-Be Pre-approved Prior to Searching 4-Have A Solid Financial Plan 5-Insist on a Lock-In Letter 6-Demand a Loan Commitment 7-Waiting to Sell Your Home


Long Beach California is Best Neighborhood for Walking

One of the most appealing draws to living in Long Beach California is the walkability of many of our local neighborhoods.

Long Beach California has been ranked as the 8th Most Walkable Neighborhood!


Relocating to Long Beach California?

If you are relocating to Long Beach California you will need lots of information. You will be curious to know about Long Beach communities , neighborhoods and resources . We have tried to include as many area resources as possible here to make your transition a smooth one.

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