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Space Saving Ideas for your Long Beach Homes


Small Living Space Soutions for Long Beach Homes

Hidden Rooms

Space Savers or Hidden Secrets?


Down here at the beach we trade square footage for beach living and ocean breezes.  But what do we do with all of our stuff?  Lifetime collections of photos, books and other treasured belongings, that we are just not prepared to part with, need a place in our new homes as well. 


Hidden Closet with Bookcase

Small spaces are a challenge when we downsize our lives.  Creative use of our space without feeling cluttered and oppressive becomes a mission.  Creative Home Engineering, a Tempe Arizona company specializing in hidden passageways may have solved some of these issues. 

Under Staircase Storage


What a great way to expand space, furnish our homes and create hidden storage spaces!  When your square footage is limited every found space becomes critical.  Living in small spaces certainly has its challenges and rewards.  A small mess in a large home is a huge mess in small space.  One needs to be a neat freak in small spaces.  Creative Home Engineering is providing several wonderful solutions. 

Hall Closet Storage and Safe

Have you been wondering where to hide a safe in your home?  Take an unsightly hall closet and convert it to a hidden safe and a wonderfully elegent storage cabinet. 

Discrete Hiding Places

Looking for a safe and discrete hiding place for those things that should never be found by others?  Lovely and elegant built in’s hide your most private possessions very nicely.


While we have many larger homes in Long Beach, many of the homes here are of the smaller cottage genre.  Small living space ideas are in demand, we are pleased to be able to provide some solutions. 

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Small Living Space Solutions for Long Beach Homes

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Laurie Manny
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Space Saving Ideas for your Long Beach Homes
Posted on July 14, 2008 by Laurie Manny

Feng Shui Influences How Bay Area Houses Are Priced



Feng Shui Influences How Bay Area Houses Are Priced

Lucky Number 8 - Feng Shui

The Long Beach Real Estate Home Blog is pleased to welcome guest author, San Mateo California Realtor, Leonore Wilkas of The Wilkas Group. 


Living on the San Francisco Peninsula as I do, with our large Asian population, we find all kinds of Asian influences creeping into our daily lives. One of the biggest is Feng Shui, a Chinese mysticism of sorts, where it is believed that your life can improve by doing little things within your living environment through the placement of furniture, artwork, or even the front door of a house. It’s a serious business around here with many experts helping Realtors and non-Asians prepare their houses for sale so that the house will sell quickly.

Having harmony in life promotes wealth, prosperity, good health, and chi – the movement of the air around you. The Chinese are superstitious people. If they believe the Feng Shui is bad at a property, they will not look at it, or seriously consider buying it unless they think the bad Feng Shui can be over come.

Numbers play a big influence in Feng Shui


Certain numbers can prevent someone from even considering a property unless they can have a Feng Shui master come and correct the chi of the house. In our area, the number 8, believed to mean wealth, is often seen within the listing price of a home. Asians believe that numbers can create harmony within the house. If the price of the home reflects certain numbers such as 1, 6, or 8, it is considered to be positive so it’s very common to price homes with the number 8 somewhere in the price, for example you might see a house listed at $618,988, $888,888 or $1,886,688. The worst numbers to use are 2 and 5 and if I, as an agent, want to attract a buyer who follows Feng Shui, I will avoid them, if I can.


Foo Dog - Feng ShuiBut, that’s only part of the issue with numbers. What do you do if the house number is considered bad Feng Shui? What if the numbers are really bad like 4, 13, 24, or 104? You can’t exactly change them, can you? No, not if you’re trying to sell the house, so you must use little Feng Shui tricks to provide protection to the property.


Have you ever noticed houses with two large lion-type animals sitting at the front entrance to a house in your neighborhood or city? These are called Foo dogs and they’re placed there to protect the house from bad chi.


If you’re unlucky enough to have house numbers that are considered bad chi you place a circle around your house numbers and protect the chi.


When you see wind chimes anywhere near the entrance of a house, it is considered good luck. Is there a birdbath or water feature somewhere in the front or back yard? They may be trying to improve the chi, or energy, of the house.

The power of Feng Shui is believed in by a whole lot of people on this planet. Many other cultures have similar beliefs. The Japanese and Indians also look at numerology in their daily lives. Japanese like odd numbers like 3, 5 and 7. The Indians believe in a Destiny number that is the total number for your birthday. If you were born on March 1st, 1968, the numbers would be written out like this: 03.01.68 = 18, 1+8 = 9, and 9 would be your Destiny number. Numerology has been around for thousands of years and is believed by millions of people.

What are the lucky numbers for Feng Shui?


8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 54, 68, 80, 84, 88, 99, 168, and 108.

The number 8 is considered lucky because of how the word sounds in Cantonese. It sounds a little like the word faat (more like you saying phat) and it means prosperity and abundance. Something we all wish for, right?

What are the unlucky numbers?

4 – is considered the worst number because when it’s spoken in Cantonese it sounds like the word for death.

13 – if you add 1+3 it equals 4.

24 and 104 are also considered unlucky.

7 is considered unlucky, too!

Next month, on August 8th, or 08.08.08, the Chinese people will be trying to either get married on that date or hope to deliver their babies on that date, because of these auspicious numbers. This might be the reason that the Olympics will start on this date.


I have had clients bring in a Feng Shui master to make simple corrections to houses with bad numbers. I have also seen people request a number change from the city and post office. Sometimes this is the easiest thing to do.

Does the number 8 help sell a house faster? Who knows? I try to put at least one 8 in every listing price I have. I do notice that we see a lot of Asian’s coming through our open houses, so maybe it is helpful. Realtors are superstitious, too, so anything that we can do to help our clients sell their homes we’re probably going to try. As long as it’s legal, that is!


Contributed by: San Mateo Realtor, Lenore Wilkas; author of the San Mateo Real Estate News Blog



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Laurie Manny
Long Beach Realtor (562) 212-5420


Main Street Realtors Belmont Heights 244 Redondo Avenue Long Beach California 90803


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Feng Shui Influences How Bay Area Houses Are Priced
Posted on July 12, 2008 by Laurie Manny

Selling Your Long Beach Homes-Long Beach Real Estate

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Yay!  The Down Market is OVER!


Long Beach Homes-Selling Strategy-Long Beach Real EstateNo it’s not, but now that I have your attention, the market has changed a bit and there are a few things you really need to know if you are thinking about selling your Long Beach homes

Back in the hot sellers market one of the sales strategies used was to price a home a little low, take multiple offers, and play them off of each other to drive the price up.  It worked!  That strategy, applied to today’s Long Beach real estate market is working as well. 

Pricing your home low will inspire the interest of buyers and agents and create a quick, steady flow of traffic and multiple offers to your home. 

For instance, if your home, in great condition, comps out at $500,000 and you listed it at $299,000 you would have the attention of the entire real estate market.  You would have to prepare yourself for a major onslaught of showings, perhaps as many as 30 to 50 a day.  The offers would pour in and bid up.  At $500,000, you would sit on the market for months, probably price reduce a couple of times to about $450k and likely sell around $440k, if at all.  If you choose this road, you will probably sell at around the same price, without the time delay.  It’s clean and fast. 

An added benefit to creating multiple offers is that you have a choice.  You will not be forced to accept an offer with weak financing because it is the only offer you have.  There will be an assortment of offers for you to choose from thereby placing you in a stronger position to close escrow successfully. 


Many sellers in Long Beach are afraid to pursue this road fearing they will have to accept an offer that is lower than they are willing to accept.  Sellers do not have to accept any offer, they are free to accept or decline any offer made on their homes. 

It is just a really smart business decision to choose to sell your home in this fashion, during this market. 


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If you are thinking about selling your Long Beach home and are interested in more details, call Laurie for more information.


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Laurie Manny
Long Beach Realtor (562) 212-5420


Main Street Realtors Belmont Heights 244 Redondo Avenue Long Beach California 90803


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Selling Your Long Beach Homes-Long Beach Real Estate
Posted on May 24, 2008 by Laurie Manny

Long Beach Own Your Owns-OYO-OYOs-Condo Conversions-Income Properties in Long Beach

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Long Beach Own Your Owns – OYOs

What the Heck is an OYO?

Why would I want to own one?

Long Beach has been home to many Own Your Owns over the years. They can be found throughout Downtown Long Beach, Alamitos Beach, Bluff Park and into Belmont Heights; older, usually 2 or 3 story buildings tucked between newer and sometimes taller buildings.   Recent Condo Conversions have trimmed the numbers of available OYOs considerably. OYOs used to be a really good investment, selling for considerably less than Long Beach Condos, they proved to be a very desirable purchase. When they successfully converted to condominiums owners realized large profits.  Often condo conversion was the motivation for purchasing an Own Your Own.

Many buyers ask about OYOs.  They want to know if they are the same as a condo, or more like a stock cooperative.

OYOs are similar in ownership to condos in that they are both fee simple ownership with individual tax bills and deeds. OYOs are a pre-condominium form of ownership, mostly built in the 50s. They generally sell for less than condos and are occasionally candidates for condo conversion, if they qualify, at which time they increase in value dramatically. Often OYOs will not have sufficient parking to qualify for condo conversion.

OYO Financing

At this time there is very limited financing available for the purchase of OYOs. Few are selling, those that do sell are often all cash purchases, or seller financing. Traditionally FNMA and FHA have not supported home loans for OYOs.  OYOs are difficult to sell which is a major drawback to purchase.

UPDATE:  There is limited financing available for owner occupied OYOs, with strict guidelines:

  • Buyer must purchase as their primary residence, no non-owner occupieds will be considered.
  • Minimum 20% Down Payment is required – no exceptions.
  • Mimimum FICO score is 640.
  • Owner Occupancy rate in building must be 55% or higher.  (If this standard is not met down payment requirement will be increased to 40% or more.)
  • No stated income loans are available.

Condo Conversions

Many existing buildings, which have already been approved for condo conversion, have opted not to convert at this time.  Current market conditions of Long Beach Real Estate and the high cost of conversion have made condo conversion cost prohibitive, at this time.  This bodes well for our city as the number of conversions in recent years has bitten deeply into the cushion we have in our apartment vacancy rate.  The conversions of recent years have removed many rental units from the market here in Long Beach.  With the high number of foreclosures many families are in need of affordable rental housing, which is becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Income Properties

The silver lining in all of this is that landlords will profit; income property sales, which have been stagnant will begin to revive, rents will increase and vacancies will not be an issue.  Hey, somebody always wins :)

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Laurie Manny
Long Beach Realtor (562) 212-5420


Main Street Realtors Belmont Heights 244 Redondo Avenue Long Beach California 90803


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Long Beach Own Your Owns-OYO-OYOs-Condo Conversions-Income Properties in Long Beach
Posted on May 5, 2008 by Laurie Manny

Long Beach California Beach Communities – Area Information

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About the Beach Communities of Long Beach California



Beach Communities of Long Beach California



Beach Communities of Long Beach CA Business, Schools, the Arts, Marinas, Parks, or just easy beach living¦Long Beach has it all! If you work in Los Angeles or in Orange County commuting is easy from here, we are centrally located. Do you prefer waterfront living or an inland lifestyle? You can choose your dream home from our downtown urban condos, co-ops, lofts, etc. all the way to Alamitos Bay homes with a resort hideaway setting.


Long Beach California Real Estate



Beach Communities of Long Beach



Resort Style Living at the Heart of Long Beach

Want to live in a luxurious resort community without giving up the conveniences of an urban lifestyle? Head to Belmont Shore and Naples Island along the Long Beach Peninsula. Youll find resort style living at the heart of Long Beach! Here, rows of sailboats bob at docks along the waterfront. Palm trees are massaged by cool ocean breezes. Look no further for top notch shopping, entertainment, beaches, water activities, and unsurpassed dining opportunities. And its all just minutes away from bustling, vital, Downtown Long Beach.



Waterfront Enchantment

Long Beach California Real Estate Do you like the beach? Theres plenty of it here! At the southern end of Long Beach land stretches and thins into a finger shaped wedge of waterfront enchantment. On one side of this peninsula graceful East Coast shingle style homes overlook the vast Pacific Ocean. On the other, lovely Alamitos Bay caresses the three luxurious water encircled bundles of earth that are Naples Island. At the tip of the Peninsula is the Long Beach Yacht Club.


Lovely Belmont Shore

Travel just around the bend at the Second Street/Livingston/Ocean Boulevard stoplight in Long Beach and youll find yourself in friendly.   Belmont Shore. Youll be in good company! Youll enjoy meeting neighbors as you stroll by the boutiques, businesses and shops of the popular Second Street shopping area. Grab a cappuccino at Starbucks and enjoy the day. The fun doesnt stop just because the sun goes down! People travel from all over the country to visit this lovely four mile area. 




Graceful Yachts and Elegant Mansions

Long Beach California Real Estate Follow Second Street across sparkling Alamitos Bay and youll be at the center of quaint Naples Island. Here, graceful yachts float before elegant waterfront mansions. Flower-lined walkways, five Venetian inspired bridges and a city full of palm trees line a mile of tranquil canals. Youll view spectacular ocean vistas from patios in some of the most sought after places to live.

Be sure to meander along the waterfront where sidewalks are shaded by tall palms and garnished with colorful flowers. Here, children play in the sand and paddle about in brightly hued kayaks. In the summer, one bay front street is closed so children can safely travel to and from the beach.


Romantic Naples Island

Youll love the canals, bay and beaches that surround Naples Island! Naples consists of three individual islands¦and all have canals that pour into Alamitos Bay. Just like its European namesake, streets in this popular seaside community have Italian names. And since 1971, La Bella Fontana di Napoli, a large fountain at the center of Naples, has been a popular meeting place. Looking for a romantic getaway? Take your sweetheart on an Italian style
Gondola Cruise along picturesque canals.



Never Far from Long Beach Amenities

Youll think youve stepped into another dimension as you stand on the deck of your boat breathing in the tangy salt air. Amid luxury homes, palm trees and bright flowers¦youll feel far away from the rest of the world. But, in truth, youre not far from Long Beach amenities! Its a short ride to all Long Beach freeways when you travel west on Second Street toward nearby Pacific Coast Highway. (¦Read More About Long Beach>)


One of Southern Californias most Coveted Luxury Communities

Long Beach California Real Estate Originally, the land that is Belmont Shore and Naples was a vast expanse of Pacific Ocean wetlands. Later it became a part of historic Rancho Los Alamitos. In the early 1920s, Rancho Los Alamitos was subdivided to form what would become Long Beach.

Even though much of Belmont Shore and Naples was still underwater¦a few forward thinking developers bought it and began construction of one of Southern Californias most coveted luxury communities, creating a picture perfect coastline.

More than 2 million cubic yards of sand and mud were dredged from Alamitos Bay to elevate the land. The Bay was widened and deepened and channels created. Sand imported from Mexico and the Pacific Northwest created idyllic lagoons along the postcard perfect coastline.


A Charming Italian Styled Community

Originally, the entire area was intended to be a charming Italian styled community with luxury homes and red tiled roofs on picturesque canals. Gondoliers, a promenade with a large fountain and plenty of beachfront were part of the plan! Due to the high cost and complex task, only Naples Island met that goal. The first residential lots here were sold for less than $2,000.

Bold Contemporary to Spanish Revival

Cruise Naples in a gondola or stroll the walkways by foot or bicycle. Youll see elegant Mediterranean style and stately New England shingle homes, condominiums and more. Dont miss the outstanding collection of period revival commercial buildings along Second Street in Belmont Shore.

Are you searching for a luxury sized residence? Visit NaplesTreasure Island community. Hunting for beachfront condominium? Step out of your Marina Pacifica home and into the warm Alamitos Bay sand. For awe-inspiring sunsets, take an evening stroll down to the beach just blocks away from your lovely Belmont Shore home. From bold contemporary to Spanish Revival, theres a home style here to suit every preference!

Theres Plenty to Do in Belmont Shore, Naples and the Peninsula

Like to shop? Belmont Shores Second Street Shopping district has what you need! Dine indoors or out where youll enjoy the ever-present Long Beach sunshine as it sparkles on peaceful Alamitos Bay. Take in the Belmont Car Show, the largest one day car show on the West Coast. Feel like a day at the beach? Your four footed friend will enjoy entertaining Dog Beach. Swim, sun or sail the Pacific from Belmont Shores tidy beach or the sandy waters along Naples Island. Catch the Long Beach Yacht Club sailboat races every Wednesday! Want to spend the day fishing? Angling is free from the
Belmont Pier.  Whether youre up for a day of skiing or prefer to watch the boats go by¦youll find something to do here.

Second Street Shops

Stroll popular Second Street in this cozy community. Small local businesses mingle with established stores and local eateries to make for some of the best shopping around. Youll enjoy 15 blocks of the best restaurants, specialty shops, boutiques, and entertainment right here!

Belmont Shore Shadow Art -Long Beach California Grab an early morning latte at Starbucks¦by dusk youll be ready for an authentic Greek meal at Mykonos or pizza at B.J.s Pizzeria. Then head for a movie or watch the lights blink in the bay. The fun is just beginning!

Shadow Art

Remember to look down as you meander along Second Streets walkways. You dont want to miss the ’shadow art’ that adorns the sidewalks! Youll enjoy artistic crystal blue waters and shimmering skies decorating Second Street buildings.



A Dining Opportunity to Suit Every Palate

From an easygoing cantina meal to the southern finery of the Shenandoah Café¦theres a dining opportunity here to suit every palate. Delights will melt in your mouth at the Naples Rib Company. Nicos was owned by Sonny Bonos daughter, Christi, but has recently changed hands. And dont miss weekly wine and beer tasting at Moreys Liquor.

Looking for a casual experience¦with a bayside view which is perfect for sunset dining or viewing the fabulous Long Beach fireworks displays? The Belmont Brewing Company is right next to the Belmont Pier and offers a delectable assortment of salads, soups and entrees. Whether youre up for a quiet dinner inside or a romantic sunset interlude¦youll find it here!



Alamitos Bay

Alamitos Bay - Long Beach California If you like waterskiing, swimming, sailing and boating, youll like Alamitos Bay. Its the heart of the Peninsula! Here, youll find the most active public marina and the busiest seaport in the nation. The Alamitos Bay Marina is more than 50 years old and boasts 1,991 slips.

Need to buy supplies? Youll find what you need at a convenient marine store. Looking for a yacht club? There are plenty along the bay including the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club. Pack a lunch for a peaceful day at a bayside beach, enjoy a romantic gondola cruise, rent a boat or take your own transport onto the water.

Its up to you!






Shopping and Food in Alamitos Bay

Long Beach California Real Estate You´ll have your pick of fabulous restaurants at Alamitos Bay. At The Crab Pot, enjoy a view of the yachts docked just outside its walls while feasting on fresh seafood. Looking for a restaurant to entertain your kids? You´ll find it at Joe´s Crab Shack, where the waiters dance, sing and encourage customers to join in. For a postcard like view of the sunset, dine at McKennas on the Bay or Busters Beach House.

Go shopping at The Marketplace on Pacific Coast Highway, just across from Alamitos Bay, or the Marina Pacifica shopping area, just down the block, with great restaurants, shops and even a movie theater. You will not want to miss the fabulous Tantalum Restaurant with its incredible decor and unique menu, the best martinis in town and incredible Long Beach Sunsets on one of our famous canals.

You´ll find unique merchandise at the many boutique shops and affordably priced gourmet foods at Trader Joe´s. When you´re hungry, stop in for a delicious slice at California Pizza Kitchen, or any one of the many restaurants just steps away. Tired of walking? Designed to look like an English Village, the peaceful ponds and beautiful grounds of The Marketplace will quickly rejuvenate you.



Marine Stadium

Marine Stadium is a popular stretch of water near Alamitos Bay that is just right for waterskiing! Sip a cold one as you await your turn along Marine Stadiums pristine sand beach. The 1993 Olympic Rowing competition and 1968 Olympic Rowing trials were held here. Throughout the year   outstanding events like the California Outboard Motor Racing Association races, rowing regattas, ski slaloms and water ski club activities are regularly held here and can all be viewed from lovely Mothers Beach.

Belmont Pier

Do you like to fish? Bring your bait and set out your chair on the Belmont Pier. You can fish here for free ” no license required (as long as you stay on the pier)! Built in 1966, the current concrete pier is 1,620 feet long and replaced a 50 year old wooden pier. When youve caught your limit, lay out a towel and enjoy the sandy beaches surrounding the pier. Whether you want to fish, sail, snorkel, or just sit¦Belmont Shore and Pier is the place!

Naples Boat Parade

Dont miss the Naples Boat Parade held the second Saturday of each December. Youll see gaily decorated sailboats, yachts and gondolas as they glide through the canals. Do you own a seaworthy vessel? Trim your boat and head for the water. You might win a prize! About 60,000 people attend this popular and fun event.

Romantic Gondola Cruise

A visit to Naples isnt complete until youve taken a gondola cruise through its mile of canals. A gondolier dressed in stripes and wearing an Italian cap will be your guide! Your hour long adventure includes a basket of French bread, cheese and salami. Bring your sweetheart or pack up the family¦some gondolas seat up to 14 passengers. And dont forget: its customary to kiss your partner under each bridge. Youll glide under five arched passageways as you sail through the Naples canals.

Belmont Heights

This primarily residential area sits in the south-east section of Long Beach and borders the ocean and the more commercial community of Belmont Shore. For the bigger homes and quieter neighborhoods, residents of Belmont Shore often move to Belmont Heights after they have children.

As a resident of the Heights, you´re conveniently located within walking distance of local businesses and entertainment. Built primarily between the turn of the century and the 1930s, this neighborhood is comprised of Mediterranean, Spanish and Craftsman Bungalow style homes with some Victorian homes remaining.

A few hotspots dot Belmont Heights including restaurants such as Cafe Piccolo, E.J. Malloys, Coco Renos and Lashers; a great coffee house called The Library; and the boutique shops Babcock & Cooke and Iguana. Rub elbows with the famous, or almost famous, when you dine at Christy´s, an upscale restaurant owned by Christy Bono, daughter of Sonny Bono. When you wake up hungry, visit The Potholder for a world-famous breakfast.

Bluff Heights

Located along the ocean bluffs, this community consists of large, stately, single-family and multi-family homes constructed between 1903 and 1949. Bluff Heights boasts a wide range of interesting restaurants including Cafe Piccolo, The Original Park Pantry, Porch Café and The Two Umbrellas Café. You´ll also find unique boutique shops and coffee joints such as The Library and Hot Java.

If you´re looking for retro clothing or an unusual gift, don´t miss Long Beach´s famed ‘Funky District’. Just north of Bluff Heights, this area is worth the trip for shoppers tired of chain stores and malls. Need a caffeine fix? Dive into Portfolio the local hang-out and coffee house. 


Bluff Park

Long Beach California Real Estate Bluff Park is a small, upscale neighborhood in Long Beach. If you enjoy turn-of-the-century estate homes, you´ll appreciate the areas variety of architecturally interesting homes including Green & Green, Mediterranean and Spanish Revival, to name a few.

On one stretch of the bluff that runs along much of the beach in Long Beach, there is the narrow Bluff Park from which the neighborhood gets its name.

The Long Beach Museum of Art built in 1912 calls the Bluff Park community home. Located on a bluff-top overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Museum not only has world-class art exhibits, but also a magnificent view.




Alamitos Beach - Long Beach California Real EstateAlamitos Beach


The Alamitos Beach community was planned by John W. Bixby after the Rancho Los Alamitos was acquired by he and his cousins who where partners in the Bixby Land Company. When describing the area in 1988, Mr. Bixby said, ‘Alamitos Beach is not Long Beachs rival but her Crowning Jewel.’ It was the intention of Mr. Bixby and the original residences that Alamitos Beach would be a separate city. It remained as a separate townsite until annexed by the City of Long Beach on November 30, 1909.

Ocean Boulevard is the Jewel of the Area now as it was in 1988 with its high rise deluxe condominiums, magnificent homes, and access to the beach.

Considered by many as Long Beach´s most diverse neighborhood, the desirability of Alamitos Beach continues to grow. It is within walking distance of Downtown Long Beach and is conveniently close to freeways, without the feeling of being near the traffic. But more importantly it remains affordable. You can still purchase a $250,000 condo, or if you prefer, a multi-million dollar condo with endless ocean views.


This very residential area is dotted with funky quaint shops and restaurants. Experience a genuine old-fashioned diner when you eat at the Park Pantry. Ready to enjoy the area´s perfect weather? Visit Bixby Park located on Cherry Avenue and named after the founder of Alamitos Beach. This 12 acre urban park has a playground, mobile skate park, community center and volleyball courts.

Come Home to the Beach Communities of Long Beach

Want to be near the water wherever you go? Close to outstanding shopping, entertainment and more¦without giving up the convenience of being close to a large city? Youll like it here!

Want to Know More?

Are you buying or selling Belmont Shore or Naples Long Beach California Real Estate? I can help you find your luxury dream home. Call Laurie Manny today at (562) 212-5420.


Read More Details

Laurie Manny
Long Beach Realtor (562) 212-5420


Main Street Realtors Belmont Heights 244 Redondo Avenue Long Beach California 90803


Long Beach Real Estate BlogLong Beach Real Estate Website




Long Beach California Beach Communities – Area Information
Posted on March 1, 2008 by Laurie Manny

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Long Beach Condo Buyers Beware

The condo market in Long Beach, and nationwide, may be in for a few rather large shockers which could rattle more than a few cages.  We have already come across several HOA\'s in, or very near, serious financial jeopardy.


Buying Fixer Upper Homes in Long Beach

Many buyers who are searching for homes in Long Beach express interest in purchasing a \"fixer upper\" . It is always interesting to hear what their idea of a \"fixer upper\" is. There are so many levels of fixer upper it is necessary to clarify what the buyer has in mind.


Buying Long Beach Homes

Issues for the \"First Time Home Buyer\"

With so many Long Beach homes on the market at affordable prices one would think it should be really easy to find a home and get a great deal. So why are so many first time buyers having trouble finding a home that suits their needs at a price they can afford?


FHA Loan Limits

FHA loans are available to a maximum loan of $729,750 with a minimum 3 to 3.5% down payment until January 1, 2009 when they are currently scheduled to drop the maximum loan amount to $625,000, this could change.


  • Single Family Home or Condo : $729,750
  • Duplex : $934,200
  • Tri-plex : $1,129,250
  • Four-Plex : $1,403,400

7 Steps to Pre-Home Purchase Preparedness

    1-Choose a Lender 2-Checking Credit Scores Prior to Starting the Purchase 3-Be Pre-approved Prior to Searching 4-Have A Solid Financial Plan 5-Insist on a Lock-In Letter 6-Demand a Loan Commitment 7-Waiting to Sell Your Home


Long Beach California is Best Neighborhood for Walking

One of the most appealing draws to living in Long Beach California is the walkability of many of our local neighborhoods.

Long Beach California has been ranked as the 8th Most Walkable Neighborhood!


Relocating to Long Beach California?

If you are relocating to Long Beach California you will need lots of information. You will be curious to know about Long Beach communities , neighborhoods and resources . We have tried to include as many area resources as possible here to make your transition a smooth one.

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