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Long Beach – Best Neighborhood for Walking

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One of the most appealing draws to living in Long Beach CA is the walkability of many of our local neighborhoods. Well, somebody finally decided to start ranking walkable neighborhoods across the country. Walk Score has ranked 2,508 neighborhoods in 40 of the largest US cities to help buyers find walkable communities to live in.


Long Beach California has been ranked as the 8th Most Walkable Neighborhood!

  1. San Francisco
  2. New York
  3. Boston
  4. Chicago
  5. Philadelphia
  6. Seattle
  7. Washington D.C.
  8. Long Beach
  9. Los Angeles
  10. Portland
  11. Denver
  12. Baltimore

see the rest here…



Long Beach Neighborhood Walk Scores:

Neighborhood Score
1 Downtown Long Beach
2 Belmont Shore 83
3 Belmont Heights 82
4 Bixby Knolls 81
5 East Side 81
6 Park Estates 78
7 Alamitos Heights 77
8 Circle Area 76
9 Lakewood Village 74
10 Naples IslandMarina Area 74
11 California Heights Historic District 73
12 Poly High District 73
13 Los Altos 71
14 City of Signal Hill 68
15 Wrigley 66
16 Bixby
17 El Dorado Park 62
18 Los Cerritos 62
19 City College Area 58
20 North Long Beach 55
21 Airport Area 55
22 State College Area 54
23 West Side 54
24 The Plaza 53
25 North West Long Beach 44
26 Wilmington 29

52% of Long Beach has a Walk Score of 70 or above.

85% of Long Beach has a Walk Score of at least 50.

15% of Long Beach lives in a Car Dependent Neighborhood.



What do these scores mean?


Here are some general guidelines to how these rankings work:


  • 90-100 = Walkers’ Paradise: Most errands can be accomplished on foot and many people get by without owning a car.
  • 70-89 = Very Walkable: It’s possible to get by without owning a car.
  • 50-69 = Somewhat Walkable: Some stores and amenities are within walking distance, but many everyday trips still require a bike, public transportation, or car.
  • 25-49 = Car-Dependent: Only a few destinations are within easy walking range. For most errands, driving or public transportation is a must.
  • 0-24 = Car-Dependent (Driving Only): Virtually no neighborhood destinations within walking range. You can walk from your house to your car!



How It Doesn’t Work: Known Issues with Walk Score


Walk Score admits that Walk Score is just an approximation of walkability. There are a number of important factors that contribute to walkability which are not part of their algorithm:

  • Public transit: Good public transit is important for walkable neighborhoods.
  • Street width and block length: Narrow streets slow down traffic. Short blocks provide more routes to the same destination and make it easier to take a direct route.
  • Street design: Sidewalks and safe crossings are essential to walkability. Appropriate automobile speeds, trees, and other features also help.
  • Safety from crime and crashes: How much crime is in the neighborhood? How many traffic accidents are there? Are streets well-lit?
  • Pedestrian-friendly community design: Are buildings close to the sidewalk with parking in back? Are destinations clustered together?
  • Topography: Hills can make walking difficult, especially if you’re carrying groceries.
  • Freeways and bodies of water: Freeways can divide neighborhoods. Swimming is harder than walking.
  • Weather: In some places it’s just too hot or cold to walk regularly.

More information on how the walk score is determined can be found here.


Long Beach Relocation and City Guide



When seeking walkable Long Beach neighborhoods nobody knows the areas better than your Long Beach Realtor. Search Long Beach Homes for sale and consult your Realtor to find out which Long Beach neighborhoods best suit your specific needs.






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Long Beach – Best Neighborhood for Walking
Posted on July 26, 2008 by Laurie Manny

Feng Shui Influences How Bay Area Houses Are Priced



Feng Shui Influences How Bay Area Houses Are Priced

Lucky Number 8 - Feng Shui

The Long Beach Real Estate Home Blog is pleased to welcome guest author, San Mateo California Realtor, Leonore Wilkas of The Wilkas Group. 


Living on the San Francisco Peninsula as I do, with our large Asian population, we find all kinds of Asian influences creeping into our daily lives. One of the biggest is Feng Shui, a Chinese mysticism of sorts, where it is believed that your life can improve by doing little things within your living environment through the placement of furniture, artwork, or even the front door of a house. It’s a serious business around here with many experts helping Realtors and non-Asians prepare their houses for sale so that the house will sell quickly.

Having harmony in life promotes wealth, prosperity, good health, and chi – the movement of the air around you. The Chinese are superstitious people. If they believe the Feng Shui is bad at a property, they will not look at it, or seriously consider buying it unless they think the bad Feng Shui can be over come.

Numbers play a big influence in Feng Shui


Certain numbers can prevent someone from even considering a property unless they can have a Feng Shui master come and correct the chi of the house. In our area, the number 8, believed to mean wealth, is often seen within the listing price of a home. Asians believe that numbers can create harmony within the house. If the price of the home reflects certain numbers such as 1, 6, or 8, it is considered to be positive so it’s very common to price homes with the number 8 somewhere in the price, for example you might see a house listed at $618,988, $888,888 or $1,886,688. The worst numbers to use are 2 and 5 and if I, as an agent, want to attract a buyer who follows Feng Shui, I will avoid them, if I can.


Foo Dog - Feng ShuiBut, that’s only part of the issue with numbers. What do you do if the house number is considered bad Feng Shui? What if the numbers are really bad like 4, 13, 24, or 104? You can’t exactly change them, can you? No, not if you’re trying to sell the house, so you must use little Feng Shui tricks to provide protection to the property.


Have you ever noticed houses with two large lion-type animals sitting at the front entrance to a house in your neighborhood or city? These are called Foo dogs and they’re placed there to protect the house from bad chi.


If you’re unlucky enough to have house numbers that are considered bad chi you place a circle around your house numbers and protect the chi.


When you see wind chimes anywhere near the entrance of a house, it is considered good luck. Is there a birdbath or water feature somewhere in the front or back yard? They may be trying to improve the chi, or energy, of the house.

The power of Feng Shui is believed in by a whole lot of people on this planet. Many other cultures have similar beliefs. The Japanese and Indians also look at numerology in their daily lives. Japanese like odd numbers like 3, 5 and 7. The Indians believe in a Destiny number that is the total number for your birthday. If you were born on March 1st, 1968, the numbers would be written out like this: 03.01.68 = 18, 1+8 = 9, and 9 would be your Destiny number. Numerology has been around for thousands of years and is believed by millions of people.

What are the lucky numbers for Feng Shui?


8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 54, 68, 80, 84, 88, 99, 168, and 108.

The number 8 is considered lucky because of how the word sounds in Cantonese. It sounds a little like the word faat (more like you saying phat) and it means prosperity and abundance. Something we all wish for, right?

What are the unlucky numbers?

4 – is considered the worst number because when it’s spoken in Cantonese it sounds like the word for death.

13 – if you add 1+3 it equals 4.

24 and 104 are also considered unlucky.

7 is considered unlucky, too!

Next month, on August 8th, or 08.08.08, the Chinese people will be trying to either get married on that date or hope to deliver their babies on that date, because of these auspicious numbers. This might be the reason that the Olympics will start on this date.


I have had clients bring in a Feng Shui master to make simple corrections to houses with bad numbers. I have also seen people request a number change from the city and post office. Sometimes this is the easiest thing to do.

Does the number 8 help sell a house faster? Who knows? I try to put at least one 8 in every listing price I have. I do notice that we see a lot of Asian’s coming through our open houses, so maybe it is helpful. Realtors are superstitious, too, so anything that we can do to help our clients sell their homes we’re probably going to try. As long as it’s legal, that is!


Contributed by: San Mateo Realtor, Lenore Wilkas; author of the San Mateo Real Estate News Blog



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Feng Shui Influences How Bay Area Houses Are Priced
Posted on July 12, 2008 by Laurie Manny

Living in a Long Beach Home with a Pool – Safety Tips



Swimming Pool Safety for Long Beach HomesMany homes in Long Beach have built-in pools (compared to the Colorado Springs Real Estate market where pools are a scarcity) – and along with all the fun and relaxation that pools can create, there is a definite level of safety precautions involved.

Here are some safety tips for living in a Long Beach CA home with a pool:

  • Know how to swim. Make sure everyone IN and AROUND knows how to swim.
  • Keep a charged, wireless phone near the pool at all times, in case you need to call 9-1-1
  • Make sure that at least one person in/around the pool knows CPR.
  • Keep safety equipment around the pool in case of an emergency.
  • Do not mix swimming and drinking alcohol. A loss of judgment could mean the difference between life and death around a pool.


Pool Safety and Children:

  • Never leave children unattended around a pool. Even children who “know how to swim” can be in danger without a responsible and attentive adult around.
  • Practice touch supervision with children younger than 5 years. This means that the adult is within an arm’s length of the child at all times.
  • Install a Pool-Safety fence – at least 4 feet high with a self-closing and self-locking fence, between the house and the pool.
  • Do not rely on “toys” as flotation devices. A parent or other guardian is the ONLY way to ensure safety.
  • Consider installing a power-safety cover, but not to replace a fence.
  • Make sure everyone who watches your kids knows CPR and knows the rules to your pool.
  • Do not leave toys around the pool when not in use. This could attract children to the pool when no one is looking.
  • If a child is missing, check the pool FIRST. Walk the perimeter of the pool and check around all the edges.
  • If possible, do not install a pool in your home until your children are over the age of 5.

Some other Resources for Pool Safety:

Having a pool in your Long Beach CA home is great! Just make sure you enjoy it safely.

Contributed by:  Mariana Wagner – Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent of the Wagner iTeam at Keller Williams Clients’ Choice Realty - specializing in Colorado Springs CO Real Estate.


Thank you Mariana!


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Living in a Long Beach Home with a Pool – Safety Tips
Posted on July 7, 2008 by Laurie Manny

Selling Your Long Beach Homes-Long Beach Real Estate

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Yay!  The Down Market is OVER!


Long Beach Homes-Selling Strategy-Long Beach Real EstateNo it’s not, but now that I have your attention, the market has changed a bit and there are a few things you really need to know if you are thinking about selling your Long Beach homes

Back in the hot sellers market one of the sales strategies used was to price a home a little low, take multiple offers, and play them off of each other to drive the price up.  It worked!  That strategy, applied to today’s Long Beach real estate market is working as well. 

Pricing your home low will inspire the interest of buyers and agents and create a quick, steady flow of traffic and multiple offers to your home. 

For instance, if your home, in great condition, comps out at $500,000 and you listed it at $299,000 you would have the attention of the entire real estate market.  You would have to prepare yourself for a major onslaught of showings, perhaps as many as 30 to 50 a day.  The offers would pour in and bid up.  At $500,000, you would sit on the market for months, probably price reduce a couple of times to about $450k and likely sell around $440k, if at all.  If you choose this road, you will probably sell at around the same price, without the time delay.  It’s clean and fast. 

An added benefit to creating multiple offers is that you have a choice.  You will not be forced to accept an offer with weak financing because it is the only offer you have.  There will be an assortment of offers for you to choose from thereby placing you in a stronger position to close escrow successfully. 


Many sellers in Long Beach are afraid to pursue this road fearing they will have to accept an offer that is lower than they are willing to accept.  Sellers do not have to accept any offer, they are free to accept or decline any offer made on their homes. 

It is just a really smart business decision to choose to sell your home in this fashion, during this market. 


Read Also:

The 7 Dangers of Overpricing Your Long Beach Homes and Condos

Chasing the Market Down – Are You Guilty?


If you are thinking about selling your Long Beach home and are interested in more details, call Laurie for more information.


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Main Street Realtors Belmont Heights 244 Redondo Avenue Long Beach California 90803


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Selling Your Long Beach Homes-Long Beach Real Estate
Posted on May 24, 2008 by Laurie Manny

Inland Long Beach Communities – Long Beach California

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Long Beach California Real Estate


Inland Long Beach CA Communities : Find the perfect Long Beach Home for your family in one of the unique communities of Inland Long Beach CA. These communities are diverse and they have much to offer. Learn about the style of homes, local parks, golf courses, universities, shopping and much more. Come home to Inland Long Beach where you are still just a few short minutes from the beach! Compliments of Laurie Manny. Call Laurie today for further information or assistance in your next real estate transaction (562) 212-5420.

Long Beach California is a patchwork of unique communities.  Some are well-defined and others meld into nearby neighborhoods.  Whether youre looking for a home for a single professional or a family of five, youre sure to find your perfect fit within the diverse communities of Long Beach.

Bixby Knolls / Highland Terrace

Located only a few minutes from Downtown Long Beach, Bixby Knolls is one of Long Beachs oldest and most desirable neighborhoods.  This popular community offers a wide variety of home ownership opportunities.

Ready to move up to a larger home?  In Bixby Knolls youll find elegant homes with square footage of 2,000 and up.  If youre looking for a condo or townhome, youve come to the right place. There are plenty of multi-unit golf course views in this upscale neighborhood. properties along this communitys quiet, tree lined streets.

Uptown Long Beach

Located only four miles north of Downtown Long Beach, Bixby Knolls is historically known as ˜uptown.  As youd expect in any uptown area, there are great restaurants and shopping.  For great American Cuisine and ˜Live Jazz Thursdays, visit Four Olives Café located at 4276 Atlantic Avenue.   If you prefer a more European dining experience, make a reservation at the romantic Delius Restaurant where youll be served wine with a seven course prix fixe meal.

Love Antiques?

Put Thor Antiques on your list of must visit shops.  Located in a restored 1950s building in the beautiful Bixby Knolls neighborhood, Thor Antiques specializes in Edwardian, Victorian, Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Retro jewelry.  They also have vast art, silver and enamel collections.

Long Beach California Real Estate

Bixby Knolls Park

Child Care Co-Op Program

The Bixby Knolls Park may be small, but it has a lot to offer.  Need child care?  Check out the Child Care Co-Op Program.  When youre ready for a game of hoops, check out the Bixby Knolls Park basketball courts.   Theres also a volleyball court and picnic area waiting just for you.

California Heights

Its like going back in time or Living in History.

If youd like to live in a community with old-fashion ambience, youve found it!  Take a stroll down the tree-lined avenues lit by the renovated antique street lamps.  Along the way, you´ll see a wide variety of home styles including 1938 Ranch, Tudor Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival, and the well-known Craftsman Bungalow.

How It All Started

Until the discovery of oil in nearby Signal Hill in the early 1920s, California Heights was part of the Bixby Ranch and was primarily cattle land.  Once oil was discovered, there were those who thought California Heights might have oil reserves as well.  But by 1923, it became painfully evident that there was very little oil to be had and residential development began.

The Jothan Bixby Company built 25 Spanish style bungalows.  Then other homes were built one at a time creating a variety of home styles in the neighborhood.  The California Heights area grew rapidly attracting new families, and by 1939, most of the building was complete.

Long Beach California Real Estate

Hilltop Neighborhood

Today, this neighborhood is a close community dedicated to protecting and preserving the character of each home and the integrity of the neighborhood as a whole.  Because of its high concentration of older original homes, California Heights is officially recognized by the city as one of 17 historic neighborhoods in Long Beach.

California Heights Historic District

A Ten-Year Perspective

It would be my pleasure to consult with you regarding available properties in the California Heights area.  Contact Laurie

Carson Park

Imagine walking down beautiful tree-lined streets in a family-friendly residential community.  Tha
ts what youll experience when you call Carson Park home.

Carson Park is conveniently located:

  • West of Palo Verde Ave & Woodruff
  • East of the Gabriel River
  • North of Wardlow and Los Coyotes Diagonal
  • South of Centralia

    This area has everything you could want in a community:

  • Larger homes nestled on large, park-like yards
  • Close to shopping
  • Easy commute to all areas of Long Beach and Los Angeles with quick access to 605, 405 and 91 freeways
  • Just minutes from CSULB, LBCC
  • 90808 Zip Code, statistically the safest in Long Beach
  • El Dorado Park is just minutes away
  • Close to the award winning Cerritos Library
  • Peaceful enjoyment abounds

Need room for your growing family?

Built predominantly in the 1950s, Carson Park homes range in size from 1,300 to 1,800 square feet and beyond.  Most homes have 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, providing ample room for family life.  Many sit on lots in excess of 5,000 square feet.

It would be my pleasure to consult with you regarding available properties in the Carson Park area.  Contact Laurie

Long Beach California Real Estate

Long Beach Towne Center

Shop, Dine and Play

At the expansive Long Beach Towne Center,  you can do all three.   If youre hungry, have lunch at Lucilles Smokehouse BBQ.  Just want a snack?  Wetzels Pretzels may be calling your name.  When you need a jolt of caffeine, Starbucks is ready and waiting.  Whether youre looking for a gift, home renovation materials or back-to-school clothes, youll find it here.  From hair cuts to movie theaters to bulk shopping, Long Beach Towne Center has it all.

Long Beach California Real Estate

Hartwell Golf Course


Wouldnt it be great to drive just a few minutes from your Carson Park home and play 18 holes of golf?  At Heartwell Golf Course, you can do just that.  Named by Southland Golf Magazine as one of the 2 best par-3 golf courses in Southern California, Heartwell Golf Course is a 2,143 yard par-54 course with bunkers, water, fairways, plenty of undulation and grass tee boxes.

College Park Estates

Located close to Cal State Long Beach, this family oriented, residential, park-like community continues to grow in popularity.  Not only is it located conveniently to the university, it also provides easy access to shopping in nearby Los Altos.  The homes, built in the 40s, 50s and 60s, are larger than most Long Beach homes and are shaded by mature trees.

A College Town

Here in aptly named College Park Estates, youll find California State University Long Beach, also known as Cal State Long Beach, CSULB, LBSU or The Beach.   Whatever you choose to call it, youll be impressed with its credentials:

  • The largest campus in the California State University system
  • The second largest university in California
  • Ranked as one of the top three public masters universities in the west by U.S. News and World Reports ˜Americas Best Colleges Guide, for 2005 and 2006
  • The largest publicly funded art school in the west
  • Operates with one of the lowest student tuition fees of any university in the country

Walter Pyramid
Long Beach State University
Courtesy of Wikipedia

The Walter Pyramid is a collegiate athletic facility located at Long Beach State University in Long Beach, California. It officially opened on November 30, 1994, and cost approximately $22 million to construct. It rises 18 stories high and measures 345 feet along each side of the base.

The Walter Pyramid, formerly known as the Long Beach Pyramid, is the on-campus basketball and volleyball arena for the NCAA college basketball and college volleyball teams of Long Beach State University 49ers.

Los Altos

Located north of the CSULB campus, this suburban community of Long Beach consists primarily of single-family homes built during the 1950s and 60s.  From small starter homes to larger homes for growing families, Los Altos has them all.

Stores Galore

New shopping centers have sprung up as Los Altos popularity has increased.  At the recently rebuilt Los Altos Center you can shop at nationwide stores like Sears, Borders, CompUSA as well as smaller local shops.  With a $70 million renovation, the former Navy Hospital has been converted into the nearly 400,000 square foot Los Altos Gateway Center.  Composed of value-oriented retailers such as Big K and auto dealerships.

Earthquake Survivor

Located at the Los Altos United Methodist Church is a unique and historically-significant church organ.  Historians believe this organ to be the oldest Tracker-Type church instrument in existence west of the Mississippi.  Built in Boston the organ was shipped to San Francisco in a clipper ship.  It survived the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 and is in excellent condition today.

Long Beach California Real Estate
El Dorado East Regional Park

Lakewood Plaza and Rancho

If you are seeking a tree lined, quiet, well established neighborhood with a family atmosphere¦youll love Lakewood Plaza and the Rancho neighborhoods.

Its located close to Long Beachs El Dorado Park where your family can enjoy a day of golf or a picnic in the park.  Nearby freeways are easily accessible and make for an easy commute to work and shopping.  The Plaza area is home to Cubberley School, a K-8 California Distinguished School.

Ranch style homes are the specialty

Built up between 1950 and the late 1960s, this neighborhood is well known for its open floor plan Ranch style homes.  Whether you´re looking for a smaller starter home with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath or a spacious family home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, youll find it here.  There are homes from 850 square feet to over 1,700 square feet.

Of particular interest are the Cliff May ranch-style homes, built in the early 50s, for which The Ranchos are famous.  Considered by many to be the father of the California ranch-style house, Cliff May was a builder with extraordinary vision of what the ideal California home should encompass.  He believed homes should be designed for livability rather than facade and designed about 18,000 of these beautiful homes as well as more than 1000 custom homes across the United States.  His additional goal of bringing the outdoors in was achieved in his designs by incorporating large expanses of glass creating a home that was filled with natural light bringing the outside gardens in, vaulted ceilings with exposed wood beams, clean lines with little decoration, attached garages, large patios with sliding glass doors, and rooms that flow into each other.

As you can imagine, the classic, mid-century Cliff May style homes are highly desirable and as a result rarely come on the market.  If youre interested in finding out more about the availability of these fabulous homes, give Laurie Manny, your Ranchos real estate expert, a call at (562) 212-5420.

Enjoy the Outdoors

At nearby El Dorado Park, youll find activities for the whole family.  Theres a 12-station fitness course, an archery range, bicycle trails and even radio controlled model aircraft and sailboat areas.         Read More>>>

Rancho Los Cerritos (Virginia Country Club area)

Do you dream of living in a golf community?  Then discover Rancho Los Cerritos, the almost hidden jewel of Long Beach.

This exclusive neighborhood, filled with beautiful estates and mansions, is situated around the Virginia Country Club golf course.  That´s why its lovingly known as the Virginia Country Club area.

In the Virginia Country Club area, you wont find the typical Long Beach size lots that average 4 to 6 thousand square feet.  Instead, youll find huge, lush, estate size lots of 10 to 20 thousand square feet.

This is the neighborhood people dream of living in.  Elegant historic mansions set well back from the wide tree-lined streets.  Plenty of open space between estate-size homes that back to the Virginia Country Club golf course.

Located just a short 10 minute drive from Long Beach Boulevard, the Virginia Country Club area is easily accessible.

Interwoven Communities

Confused about where one community ends and another begins?  It is a bit confusing.  All you really need to know is that the Long Beach communities of California Heights, Bixby Knolls, Ranchos Los Cerittos and Highland Terrace meld together to form an incredible enclave of beautiful homes with an historical feel.  A place youll love to call home!

Virginia Country Club Golf Course

The prestigious 18-hole Virginia Country Club Golf Course, which opened in 1909, features 6,505 yards of golf for a par of 71.  The courses slope rating is 128 and 70.9 is its course rating.

Golfers love this course, as you can tell from these rave reviews:

  • Great classic architecture
  • State of the art greens
  • Lots of mature trees


Experience the old-world charm of this historic neighborhood.  The Rancho consists of 27,000 rambling acres.  It was once part of an 18th Century Spanish-American land grant given to a soldier by the name of Manuel Nieto.  Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site is one of only two ranchos in Long Beach that are still visited today by tourists.

Historic Rancho Los Cerritos was originally built in 1844 and is now a public museum.  The Rancho is a significant state archaeological site due to the many artifacts and treasures unearthed there.  Take a tour of the adobe style home and ranch built originally for Spanish, Mexican and American families.  Meander through the two story adobe and experience how life might have been in the late 1800s.

The Rancho includes an archive of 3,000 + books in the California History Research Library.  Some of the highlights include the Sarah Bixby Smith Manuscript Collection and the Llewellyn Bixby, Jr. Manuscript collection.  View antique furniture, over 1,100 historic photographs, manuscripts, legal papers, blueprints, video, maps, deeds and letters from the early occupants.  See the original architectural blueprints of the adobe during the 1930 remodeling phase.  Sit beside the beautiful gardens and get a glimpse of an earlier time in history or visit the local gift shop.

Hollywood loves the Virginia Country Club Community.

Want to Know More About Buying or Selling in the Rancho Los Cerittos/Virginia Country Club area?  Call Laurie Manny today at (562) 212-5420.

Signal Hill

Are you looking for a community that has it all¦beauty, shopping, entertainment and fabulous homes¦look no further than Signal Hill.

Here you will find a mix of many residential options and commercial areas.  Property values in Signal Hill grew an astounding 13.961% over last year¦only 9 cities experienced growths above 10%.

When choosing a home, you can choose from single family homes, townhouses, condominiums, multi-family dwellings, upscale two and three story single family homes and historical houses.  (Read More about Signal Hill Neighborhoods>)

  • Single family homes

    • Crescent Heights Historic District
    • Eastbluff
    • Hathaway Ridge
    • Westbluff Estates
  • Townhouses
    • Cherry Avenue Townhouses
    • Skyline Estates
    • Skyline Villas
  • Multi-family dwellings
    • City View Condominiums
    • Las Brisas Phase I and II

Long Beach California Real Estate
Signal Hill North-End Neighborhood

No Utility Tax and one of the lowest Business License Taxes in the country make Signal Hill a desirable home for businesses.  Its convenient location, close to the Long Beach Municipal Airport and not too far from the Port of Long Beach, is another attractive feature for businesses.

A few of the companies making their home in Signal Hill are DHL, oil-related companies such as Signal Hill Petroleum and Schlumberger, and the HMO Universal Care which is headquartered here

Concerned about education, property values or neighborhood crime?

No need to worry in Signal Hill¦you will enjoy one of the lowest crime rates in Southern California.

Signal Hill Elementary School has earned the California Achieving Schools Award and the National Achieving Schools Award.  The acclaimed Long Beach Unified School District serves Signal Hill.

Parks in Signal Hill

There are 10 beautiful and diverse parks in Signal Hill.  Whether you are looking for an entertaining day with your family and friends, exercising outdoors, or just learning about and enjoying nature, Signal Hill has the park for you.  Are you getting married?  Several parks even allow weddings¦but dont forget to get your permit.

Many wonderful activities are available for you to choose from.   You could play basketball, have a picnic and barbeque, bring the children to the playground or get a game of football together in the open fields.  Enjoy nature by walking the trails and take in the lush plants and wildlife in the area.  You can even roller skate, bike or ride your scooter.

There are other opportunities such as community buildings where you could hold a meeting or class.  You can even catch a small play or see other entertainment at the amphitheater.  Below are the parks located in Signal Hill.

  • Calbrisas Park
  • Discovery Well Park
  • Hillbrook Park
  • Hilltop Park
  • Panorama Promenade
  • Raymond Arbor Park
  • Reservoir Park
  • Signal Hill Park
  • Sunset View Park
  • Temple View Park

Make Signal Hill Your New Home

Come experience Signal Hill´s beauty, shopping, entertainment, parks and fabulous homes.

For an agent who is knowledgeable about this area and market values, call Laurie Manny, today at (562) 212-5420 for all of your Signal Hill Real Estate needs.

Wrigley Heights

Want to live in a quiet, tree lined, neighborhood with a small town atmosphere, but still have the amenities of the big city¦come home to Wrigley Heights.

Wrigley was one of the first communities to be established in Long Beach.  The neighborhood was first developed in 1905.  The town received its name from William Wrigley, the owner and founder of the well-known Wrigley Spearmint Gum Corporation in Chicago.

Located north of Downtown Long Beach, Wrigley Heights is a terrific community with diverse home styles and prices.  Choose from traditional, Craftsman, or Spanish distinctive style homes that range in size from 1,300 square feet and up.  Looking for space to spread out?  There are some lots that are over 10,000 square feet.  Thinking of buying a duplex?  Youll find one here.

The average list price in Wrigley in January of 2007 is approximately $540,000.  Wrigley is in the Long Beach Unified School District.

Wrigley Metro Station

Easy Access to Freeways

If you like living close to Long Beach and easy access to freeways, youll love Wrigley Heights.  These local freeways are just a short drive away.  The area is bounded on the north by the 405 Freeway, on the west by the 710 Freeway and the LA River, on the south by Pacific Coast Highway and on the east by Long Beach Boulevard.  From Wrigley it is easy to jump on the Metro Blue Line light rail for easy commuting into Downtown Long Beach or into Los Angeles.  The Metro Blue Line is one of the most successful light rail lines in the country with an average of 63,000 riders daily.

The residents of Daisy Avenue in Wrigley host the Daisy Avenue Christmas Parade every December.  The parade begins at Pacific Coast Highway and proceeds to the greenbelt at Hill Street.  The large fir trees that line the Daisy Avenue center medians are lit for the Christmas holiday season.  Many of the Daisy Avenue residents participate by lavishly decorating their homes and have contributed to the area being dubbed ˜Christmas Tree Lane.  The parade is a wonderful event which the locals look forward to every year and for which motorists line up for the holiday drive up the avenue.  It has been an annual tradition since 1953.

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Inland Long Beach Communities – Long Beach California
Posted on January 31, 2008 by Laurie Manny

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Long Beach Condo Buyers Beware

The condo market in Long Beach, and nationwide, may be in for a few rather large shockers which could rattle more than a few cages.  We have already come across several HOA\'s in, or very near, serious financial jeopardy.


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FHA Loan Limits

FHA loans are available to a maximum loan of $729,750 with a minimum 3 to 3.5% down payment until January 1, 2009 when they are currently scheduled to drop the maximum loan amount to $625,000, this could change.


  • Single Family Home or Condo : $729,750
  • Duplex : $934,200
  • Tri-plex : $1,129,250
  • Four-Plex : $1,403,400

7 Steps to Pre-Home Purchase Preparedness

    1-Choose a Lender 2-Checking Credit Scores Prior to Starting the Purchase 3-Be Pre-approved Prior to Searching 4-Have A Solid Financial Plan 5-Insist on a Lock-In Letter 6-Demand a Loan Commitment 7-Waiting to Sell Your Home


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One of the most appealing draws to living in Long Beach California is the walkability of many of our local neighborhoods.

Long Beach California has been ranked as the 8th Most Walkable Neighborhood!


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